• Where does it hurt?

    Have you got a neck injury?
    Is tension causing you pain?

    Neck problems
  • Where does it hurt?

    Have you twisted your ankle?
    Do you have arthritic pain?

    Ankle problems
  • Where does it hurt?

    Have you injured your knee?
    Do you have joint pains?

    Knee problems
  • Where does it hurt?

    Does your lower backache?
    Do you have chronic backache?

    Back problems
  • Where does it hurt?

    Is your elbow giving you issues?
    Have you got tennis elbow?

    Elbow problems

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Basildon Therapy Clinics

Physiotherapy clinic
Basildon Therapy Clinics offer a professional service for clients who may have: muscle pain, joint, arthritic, shoulder, elbow, hand, neck, hip, knee, ankle, foot and back pain. We have three clinics in the Basildon area.
Mail: enquiries@basildonclinic.co.uk
Phone: 01268 906 696

Sporting Village Clinic

Sporting village clinic
The clinic offer physiotherapy, sports massage and osteopathy to clients from Basildon, Essex area. We have built up an outstanding reputation based on our cost effective treatment and experience since 1985. 

Clay Hill Road Clinic

Clay hill road clinic
Our services focus on educating clients to understand and manage their problem. Self-help and customer satisfaction is our main priority. All members of our team are fully qualified and registered with their own professional bodies.

Appletree Clinic

apple tree clinic
Our highly experienced team are on hand to offer you a wide range of treatments for a number of joint and muscle pains you may have. To view the location of our three clinics, please visit our contact page.
Do you have back pain or muscle pain? For treatments from specialists in Basildon, call 
01268 906 696
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